Blogging - Professional Development
September 18, 2007

  1. Who wants to blog Professional Development today?- Sign them in
  2. Intro to Blogging
    1. WordPress Platform
    2. Login
    3. Write a post
    4. Upload a photo
    5. Comment
    6. Instruction Handout
  3. What's a blogging (from David Warlick)
    1. A blog is a Web-publishing concept that enables anyone -- first graders, political pundits, homeless people, high school principals, presidential candidates -- to publish information on the Internet.
    2. Blogs (a shortening of weB LOG), or blogging has become a journalistic tool, a way to publish news, ideas, rants, announcements, and ponderings very quickly, and without technical, editorial, and time constraints. It essentially makes anyone a columnist.
    3. Blogs, because of their ease of use, and because of the context of news and editorial column writing, have become a highly effective way to help students to become better writers. Research has long shown that students write more, write in greater detail, and take greater care with spelling, grammar, and punctuation, when they are writing to an authentic audience over the Internet.
  4. Blogging is not about Technology. Blogging is about.
    1. Reading
    2. Writing
    3. Reflecting
    4. Commenting
    5. Networking/Being part of a global community
  5. Why blogging?
    1. Pedagogical Reasons
      1. Students are contributors, not just passive receivers
      2. Breaking down walls of classroom, opening up to the world
      3. 21 Century skills of communication
    2. Don't bore them, engage them
      1. Promotes creativity, intuitive/reflective thinking
      2. Meet them on their "playing field"
      3. Give them an authentic audience
  6. Ideas for Blogs
    1. Individual student bloggers connecting about their learning, areas of interest, creating a community of learners with students around the world.
    2. Continuing Stories
    3. Continuing Vocabulary
    4. "I have always wondered..."
    5. Study Hints for extra credit
    6. Recipes for success
    7. 1st & 6th Grade Buddies
    8. Sports Stories
    9. Report from a long weekend
    10. Role Playing: Write from a different perspective (Person/Object)
    11. Meet during off days
    12. Write a neighborhood/community tour with picture.
    13. Professional Development
  7. Safety
    1. Don't give away personal information about yourself and others.
    2. Use your Internet identity.
    3. Registered users can write and comment. EVERYBODY can see.
    4. Once it is published it is online FOREVER.
  8. Sign into
    1. Find the Ideas for Blogging Post and add comments with at least three ideas "How to incorporate blogging into your class"
    2. Go and visit examples listed for other blogs. Come back to our PD blog and leave a comment with a positive aspect or critique
  9. Examples of Elementary School Blogging