Please list your creative ideas on using a projector in your teaching.
  1. Group Editing
  2. Math- assessment and practice
  3. Shurley grammar classifications and parts of speech
  4. Webkinz
  5. United streaming
  6. Blogging Jose's travels
  7. Peer editing
  8. Current events
  9. Writing prompts
  10. Powerpoint
  11. Glyphs
  12. Large group explanations on a tech topic
  13. Class books
  14. Skyped
  15. Voicethread
  16. Comprehension activities
  17. Reading fluency activities
  18. word searches
  19. Google earth
  20. hands on learning
  21. Introduction to new concepts
  22. country studies
  23. Introduction to Technology programs: PowerPoint, Word, KidWords, etc.
  24. Handwriting
  25. Pictures
  26. Internet games
  27. Skype
  28. Blogging
  29. D.O.L
  30. Google Earth
  31. Background for plays
  32. Slideshows
  33. Display student work
  34. Presentations for Open House
  35. Reading maps
  36. Use shared drive for your grade level. Enter information on a certain subject. This information can then be accessed by any teacher.
  37. Smart Board
  38. Google Earth
  39. Quick access to the Internet to enhance unit of study
  40. Kid Pix
  41. Slide show for special events (Ex Mother’s Day)
  42. We read stories in Spanish and get in groups and act them out for the class. We record the “play” and watch it on the screen. It engages them to see themselves acting, it helps them remember the stories and vocabulary because we play them over and over.
  43. We play Typhoon to review for tests. You can get Typhoon from Tech Connect. You can also get Jeopardy and you can customize it to fit any lesson.
    We watch other classes’ videos to learn from each other.
  44. I can show them my blog and any links I want to make sure they know.
  45. I show movies that I find. It is sometimes a good idea to save the movie in your computer, rather than playing it from the website to avoid connection problems.
  46. We could have a large Karaoke with all the children in Extended Day. If we could find a program that has the bouncing red ball over the words It would be a big sing -a -long.
  47. Show a movie on the big movie screen in the Parish Center. Connect the projector with a DVD or VCR player.
  48. We could also have a visual bingo game as we call the numbers verbally.
  49. We can show a motivational speaker the entire group.
  50. Help teach the younger students master their locomotor skills on the big screen in the gym (using United Streaming)